Frequently Asked Questions


What is CBD?

CBD is short for “cannabidiol”. It is derived from the hemp plant which is a cousin of marijuana. CBD does not produce a psychoactive high.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is produced naturally (but in insignificant amounts) by the cannabis plant. It is a psychoactive (produces a high) substance and is usually made from hemp-derived CBD.

I don’t know anything about CBD, can you help me in-store?

You’re not alone! A lot of our customers are first-time CBD buyers. Just check out our reviews. Our budtenders are well-versed in all of the products we carry. We’ll gladly spend time answering any and all questions.

What types of products does SmokePost CBD Dispensary sell?

CBD oil, flower, pre-rolls, creams, glass pipes/pieces, rolling papers, gummies, CBD for pets, and more!

What do I need to bring to the shop?

Please bring an ID validating at least 21 years of age.

I’m not a smoker. Is CBD right for me?

CBD comes in so many different forms. Creams and tinctures are a great way to consume CBD with the same great calming properties.

What payment methods does SmokePost accept?

We accept cash, credit, debit, Apple Pay and Android Pay. We do not accept checks.

I have a substantial following on social media. Do you have an influencer program?

We’re always open to discuss marketing opportunities. Please contact us at

Can I order online for in-store pick up?

Yes! You can order any of our GreenPost brand products online for in-store pick up. Go to to order.

Does SmokePost CBD Dispensary deliver?

We don’t deliver but we do ship. To shop our GreenPost line of products, go to

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