Should You Refrigerate Your CBD Oil

The CBD bubble is not dying any soon, thanks to the legalization of cannabis in various states and the variety of cannabis products available in the market. Today, you can find Chicago CBD oils in different outlets, including natural food outlets, cannabis clinics, and specialist internet sites. While consumers can access non-refrigerated CBD oil in the market, some enthusiasts think it should be cold to maintain its freshness while others believe that refrigerating or freezing CBD oil is unnecessary and that storing these extracts in cold and dark spaces is enough.
So what’s the appropriate storage method for CBD oil extracts? You may be wondering if you should refrigerate or store CBD oil extracts under room temperature where direct airflow or heat cannot affect them. Well, here’s everything that you need to know.


Is The Refrigeration Of CBD Oil Necessary?

You have to correctly store your CBD oil extract if you want it to last as you enjoy its benefits. It’s worth noting that weather elements, including sun and airflow, can degrade terpenes and cannabinoids in your CBD oil, consequently jeopardizing the extract’s efficacy.
Nonetheless, when preserving the integrity of the active ingredients in your CBD oil, is it necessary to keep your extracts under refrigeration? Certainly not. Yet refrigerating may come in handy if your CBD oil purchase is in massive quantities. It can also be a suitable alternative if you usually arrange for supplies a year ahead of time since CBD oil has a one-year shelf life.
Away from that, regular CBD oil consumers who make purchases every other month do not need to refrigerate their extracts. As long as you keep your container dry and in a cool place, your extract can serve you for extended durations without losing its potency. Note that refrigerating CBD oil extracts can solidify them in the container, complicating your dosage, particularly if the extracts have a high concentration of waxes or chlorophyll components.


Is Freezing Of CBD Oil Necessary?

Akin to storing CBD oil extracts in a refrigerator, freezing these products can only be ideal if you’re looking to utilize them for extended durations- months on months. Otherwise, it’s unnecessary to freeze them. Besides, incredibly low freezing degrees can also influence the fluidity and consistency of your CBD oil extract, particularly if it has carrier oils such as coconut oil, which hardens at low freezing temperatures.
Beyond that, chemical components in CBD oils react when you freeze them. Freezing these oil extracts makes them hard to remove from the container, which is inconvenient. While CBD oil may appear hazy when you remove it from the freezer or fridge, this doesn’t affect its integrity, quality, or potency.
You do not need to worry if you’ve kept your CBD oil in a freezer or refrigerator. Let it cool for some hours to ambient temperatures until it’s back to its original condition. While at that, avoid putting it in your oven since its active components disintegrate at high temperatures.


CBD Oil’s Shelf Life

CBD oils have a shelf life of roughly a year. What’s more? Their alcohol-based tinctures can last as long as two years. Regardless, the shelf life of CBD oils essentially relies on how you store them. While you can push their expiry date ahead by storing them in refrigerators or freezers, it’s in your best interest to take note of these influencing factors.

  • Quality

Premium quality products have a longer shelf life. With CBD oil extracts, it’s necessary to evaluate your extract’s quality level and other components, including flavors and carrier oils, etc.

  • Components

Besides the quality of the extracts, other components can impact the storage life of your CBD oil. You should find out about any additional components and their expiration dates.

  • Packing Containers

You can maintain your CBD oil’s freshness by utilizing dark containers, similar to how competent CBD firms preserve these products. Dark bottles shield cannabinoids from light, making them nearly impossible to break down even after prolonged periods.

  • Methods Of Extraction

The technique employed by producers to extract CO2 is the holy grail of the manufacturing process involving CBD oils. During extractions, manufacturers can avoid harmful additions with toxic remnants that can jeopardize the integrity and sustainability of hemp ingredients.


The Shelf Life of CBD Oil After Unpackaging

Ultimately, when you correctly store your CBD oil, its lifespan increases; hence you won’t have to refrigerate it. As long as you keep your CBD oil extract in a dark space with cool temperatures, its efficacy and general chemical composition will remain unaltered for at least six months. Cooler temperatures help maintain the delicate constituents of the product, allowing it to last for extended periods.


CBD Oils: When Is It Unsafe To Use Them?

CBD oils qualify as wellness supplements and therefore have an expiration date to inform consumers of the lifespan of the extracts. But should their labeling fall off or be of tiny text that you cannot read, you can assess them using these methods;

  • A simple technique to identify whether your CBD oil extract is stale or not would be to observe its color. Its effects become less effective as it gets darker. Therefore, when you notice any color changes, your CBD oil extract is beginning to lose its potency and thus isn’t as effective.
  • The CBD oil’s smell can also be an indicator of its potency. Your extract should be earthy and nutty in flavor unless it has sweets or terpenes. Expired CBD oil has a strange or unpleasant smell. Thus, when your oil’s taste becomes unpleasant, it’s likely past its expiry date.

You do not have to refrigerate or freeze your CBD oil extracts. CBD products can last between one and two years with their long shelf life if you store them properly. They won’t lose their potency if you avoid the heat, air, and light, which degrades them. SmokePost CBD Dispensary stocks CBD oils of high integrity, having undergone rigorous tests to establish their quality. Our friendly customer care staff take it a notch higher by educating clients on our products. Peruse the list of our products by visiting to place your order for same-day deliveries.

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